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About Project
What is Seocoin?

Seocoin is an Advertising Hub.

You can Earn and/or Advertise with Seocoin.

What are the benefits of your project?

Seocoin is an advertising platform dedicated to the promotion of crypto projects.

Our task is to increase the use of the crypto currency in all areas of the media movement.

We want to turn Seocoin into the main currency of media promotion! Why are we better than others?

We don't collect money to create a service, we provide a finished product.

Use of a coin in Seocoin:

The first step for us was to create a platform for both users and advertisers.

(1) Allow users to earn money on our platform.

(2) A platform for advertising projects.

(3) The possibility of acquiring Seocoin due to payment systems and cryptocurrency.

What is the course of the coin?

The price of a coin can vary over a few seconds, but the site will have a fixed rate for 24 hours.

100 SeoCoin = $1

You can exchange coins on the Dex exchange for waves or Bitcoin, and you can cash out at one place through exchangers.

No wallet? Waves Exchange
Total Supply: 10 000 000 SEOCOIN
SEOCOIN Price (Waves.Exchange); 0.0344 USD
What is Purchase Balance for?

Purchase Balance, is money you can spend on Seocoin, but you can not cash out.

You can buy all kinds of advertising.

What is the ID of your token on the dex exchange?


Asset ID: 3f2XzwnKvnjXp45G3PBcKGze9L6AXasKae7UyiW7AJRV

Detailed instructions are located by reference Start trading on the Waves.Exchange.

How often can I view advertisements?

You can view advertisements once every 24 hours.

Ads reset at midnight server time. The server time is located on the view ads page.

I requested a payment and now the money is back in my Account Balance?

If you request a payment using the wrong payment processor, your money will be refunded back to your Account Balance.

I requested a payment. How long do I have to wait until I get the money?

Payout Schedule:

Withdrawals may take up to 7 business days.

Payments are processed on a regular basis, therefore, contacting support or using our forum to ask about your payment, is unnecessary.