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Cryptocurrency SeoCoin - is an advertising platform.

Seocoin is an advertising platform dedicated to the promotion of crypto projects. Our task is to increase the use of the crypto currency in all areas of the media movement. We want to turn Seocoin into the main currency of media promotion!

Why are we better than others? We don't collect money to create a service, we provide a finished product.

Use of a coin in Seocoin: The first step for us was to create a platform for both users and advertisers.

(1) Allow users to earn money on our platform.

(2) A platform for advertising projects.

(3) Ability to purchase and sell Seocoin through payment systems and cryptocurrency.

For Members
  • Lots of expensive ads guaranteed every day.
  • Ads are available at random times.
  • 40% reward from your referrals
  • Withdrawals from 10 SeoCoin (0.1$)
  • 10% of your referral top up credits
Advertise with SEO
  • Advertise your website link
  • Targeted REAL crypto users.
  • Bot protection helps protect your ads.
  • CPC starts from 0.05 SeoCoin.
  • Duration between 10 to 50 seconds.
  • Many great features to choose from for your ad.